As a principle, we play according to the UEFA rules. Exceptions will be listed in our Laws of the Game.


The Organization Committee reserves the right to consult and cooperate with the referees for a decision, should there be conflicts or severe violations of the rules.


§1       Tournament System and Duration of the Matches

  1. Match duration: 1 x 12 Minutes (adjustments possible)
  2. The tournament system depends on the number of teams playing in each tournament. The Organization Committee will decide on the schedule prior to the tournament and publish a schedule in time.

§2       Scoring of Games

  1. Points: In the group stage, the winner of a match earns three points. A tie results in one point for each team. The total points in the group stage determine the ranking.
  2. Goal Difference:  The goal difference determines the ranking for teams which have an equal number of points.
  3. Scored Goals:   The amount of scored goals determines the ranking for teams with an equal amount of points and an equal goal difference.
  4. If there is still no decision, the greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned will count.
  5. Penalty Shootout: The teams will do a penalty shootout, if the group matches (for d)) were ties.
  6. A tie in all playoff matches, except for the third place playoff and the final match, will lead to a decision in penalty shootouts.
  7. If the third place playoff or the final match of a tournament ends in a tie, extra time of 3 minutes will be played. If no team wins after extra time, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

§3       Player Eligibility

  1. Ladies‘ Cup: no age limit
  2. Youngsters‘ Cup: no age limit
  3. Delegations‘ Cup: no age limit
  4. Oldies‘ Cup: two players not younger than 28, all other players 30 years and older
  5. Violation of the eligibility rules can lead to disqualification

§4       Number of Players

Up to 12 players per team. Each team has to nominate a team captain at the Organization Committee’s information stand.

§5       Players‘ Equipment

  1. Uniform: During the matches, the team members must be dressed uniformly with jerseys (including player numbers), shorts, and socks. The opposing teams’ field player jersey colors must be clearly different. The referee may assign bips to one team which the Organization Committee hands out. The goalkeeper jerseys must be clearly different from the players on the field.
  2. Protection: All players must wear shin guards. Players can receive a limited amount of shin guards at the Organization Committee. Jewelry is not permitted during the game. If a player ignores these rules, the player may not participate in a match.

§6       Substitutions

  1. Players can substitute at any time behind the goal.
  2. There is no need to ask the referee for permission.
  3. The new player may step on the pitch when a player leaves the pitch. The substitution happens on the goal line.
  4. Violation of the rule will lead to a yellow card for the new player and a free kick for the opposing team.

§7       Scoring Goals

It’s possible to score goals from everywhere within the pitch.

§8       Kick-Off

It’s possible to score a goal with a kick-off. A corner kick is awarded to the opponent when the team scores an own goal with a kick-off.

§9       Goal Kick

  1. The ball must be stationary and is kicked from approx. two meters from the goal line.
  2. Opponents must be outside the penalty area until the ball is in play
  3. A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opposing team.

§10     Corner Kick

  1. All players can cause corner kicks.
  2. A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick.

§11     Roll-In

  1. A roll-in is awarded to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball when the whole of the ball passes over the touchline
  2. During the roll-in, the ball may not be above the knees.
  3. If a team incorrectly rolled-in a ball, the opponent retakes the roll-in.
  4. A goal cannot be scored directly from a roll-in.

§12     Minimum Distance

Opposing players must keep a distance of at least five meters during roll-ins, corner-, free-, or penalty kicks.


§13     Free Kick

  1. All free-kicks are direct free kicks.
  2. The referee indicates all free kicks.

§14     Penalty Kick

  1. Fouls or handling the ball deliberately in the penalty box lead to a penalty kick.
  2. The distance is nine meters and all players, except for the player kicking the ball, have to keep a distance of at least five meters from the penalty mark.
  3. The run-up is limited to three steps.

§15     Back-Pass Rule

  1. Goalkeepers may not pick up balls which have been passed by their own teams.
  2. Violating this rule will lead to a free kick.

§16     Offsides

No offside on the small pitch.

§17     Tackling

  1. Slide-Tackling is prohibited and will result in a direct free kick.
  2. Goalkeepers are allowed to slide (-tackle) to block or pass the ball within their own penalty box.
  3. Reckless (slide-) tackling will lead to a direct free kick and possibly further disciplinary consequences.

§18     Disciplinary Measures

The referee can impose following penalties:

  1. Yellow Card: Two-minute time penalty.
  2. Second Yellow Card: The offender is sent off and the team must play short for the remainder of the game.
  3. Red Card: The offender is sent off for the remainder of the game and the tournament. The team may start the following game in full strength again.

§19     Protesting

Team captains can protest about decisions or severe infringements at the Organization Committee.

§20     Trophies and Certificates

  1. Each of the top-3-ranked teams of the different tournaments receives a trophy.
  2. All participating teams receive a certificate.
  3. Each champion receives a challenge cup.
  4. The Challenge Cups remain property of the German National Team and the champions will have to return the trophy for the next tournament.
  5. In addition, individual achievements (f.e. best goal getter, goalkeeper) and fair play will be honoured.
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