The GNT OLD STARS is the traditional squad of our team.

The core is made up of specially deserved "FORMER" members of the GNT and the German community in Brunssum.
Prerequisite is the membership in the team. The squad is made up of the players of the year, elected by all members at the end of a year, and the few honorary leaders appointed by the respective boards of the GNT.
The team is supplemented by former members or particularly dedicated friends of the GNT, who have been supporting the GNT for several years and have a special relationship to it.
Thus, as of January 2018, 28 men belong to the traditional team.
Due to the temporary use, apart from a few exceptions, almost all "honorary members" are no longer in Brunssum or in the surrounding area.
Therefore, the game operation of the GNT OLD STARS is usually reduced to the own tournament. Every year the OLD STARS are represented here. In doing so, decent placings are achieved, even though lately the big hit has been missing. The focus is on fun and camaraderie.
The "good soul" of the team and team leader is Honorary Captain and Player of the Year 2007 Carsten Wandelt, actively supported by the not less dedicated Dirk Kuzella, also honorary leader of the GNT. Both are former chairmen of the GNT, who never broke contact.
In order to give the interested among you also info's about this team, we will set here in the future a little feedback.

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