The German National Team Soccer Brunssum (GNT) was launched in 1985 by some football maniacs from the German Delegation in The Netherlands.
Members comprise active and former German soldiers from Brunssum including their relatives who continue to feel connected to us. Honorary members of the GNT are, amongst others,  the former Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung and the chairman of the Bundeswehr Association, Lieutenant Colonel André Wüstner. In addition to weekly training sessions and participation in national and international military tournaments, the GNT hosts the annual JFCBS Small Pitch Soccer Tournament.


What makes us different?
If you ask arround in Brunssum, almost everyone connects the biggest sport event in Brunssum to us. Our Small Pitch Soccer tournament in August is certainly the highlight of every year for many!
The event, which is highlighted in the Bundeswehr sports magazine as the "world's largest military small-pitch football tournament", is a magnet for teams of the Bundeswehr and armed forces of allied nations, women's, civillian and amateur teams from all across Europe. All of those do not only demonstrate their soccer skills, but also join the event and compete to maintain existing contacts and to establish new ones. Especially in times of challenge and instability, our tournament promotes social cohesion and brings people together through our sport. In total, four competitions will be played with more than 500 participants from more than 25 great nations.
The event, which in the year oft he 70th anniversary of NATO will take place on 22 and 23 August 2019 and for the 39th time, has a long tradition and is definitely more than just a soccer tournament.
Like last year, the German referee legend Walter Eschweiler will support us again and will whistle the finals as well as special matches.
Additionally the tournament is also a charity event. All profits are donated to charitable causes, including, but not limited to, Basissport Limburg; an organization that enables people with disabilities to participate in sports activities. The whole event is rounded off by a comprehensive entertainment program, including raffle, disco and live act as well as ever new promotions.
This special big event makes the GNT interesting for everyone, whether soccer player or not.

It is a pleasure for us to kindly invite you to our tournament.


Over the years, the GNT has become an integral part of the German community at the Brunssum base with a focus on the "most beautiful by-the-thing of the world".

However, with all ambition, the fun is always in the foreground! Therefore, the strength of our players is not the key skill, we are much more in comradship, sense of community, helpfulness and active support.

…Once GNT, always GNT…

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